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Beautiful and fun game! My daughter adores this.


Our 3 kids all love this. It's a really nice app


It is so beautiful, calming. I highly recommend it.

Math games tailored to education curriculums

The math games are designed to align with US and UK education curriculums from the age of 4 up. They start by slowly introducing foundational concepts such as cardinal numbers and ordering before moving on to arithmetic operations.

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Learn key math concepts through play

We all learn best when we're enjoying the process. But mathematical concepts can sometimes be very abstract and challenging. So Wide Awake Pip created math games that make learning fun. They enable exploration of core concepts that build confidence and an intuitive understanding of math.

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How to use games to teach math

Make abstract concepts relatable

Well designed math games are brilliant at making theoretical concepts relatable. They provide visuals, context and examples to help understand math fundamentals.

Learn by experimentation and exploration

Kids learn best by doing. Math games allow children to try out ideas and test their understanding. The games are designed to nudge players in the direction of the correct answer.

Practice and apply math lessons

Build confidence and let foundational math concepts sink in. Play games that apply math ideas in a variety of different situations and from different points of view.

What are the educational benefits of math games

A boost on top of formal education

Some children may need a boost to help with their math education. It's common for some kids not to take to math as readily as their peers. Wide Awake Pip's Math Games make learning more appealing.

Making learning fun improves learning!

It sounds obvious but it bears repeating. If children enjoy math more, they embrace it more, practice it more and improve at it. Creating a virtuous circle.

Build confidence in math

If children have struggled with math, they may actively avoid it and get stuck in a rut. Math games give them a friendly way to learn, without fear of failure or peer pressure.

Easy and accessible way to learn

Online math games provide an easy way to demonstrate math ideas and practice what you've learnt. Get started in seconds with games that are accessible anywhere with an online connection.

Child-led, explorative learning

The math games are designed to be simple enough that children can play them without adult intervention. This enables explorative learning where the child can test their own ideas and understanding.

Choose the best level for your child

Go at the pace best suited for your child. Start at a lower level if you need or jump ahead if If your child needs to start at a lower level to catch up or if they're racing ahead, you can instantly switch to the level of math games best suited to them.

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