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Sorry. We're not on Google Play just yet...

We haven't had the time to recreate Wide Awake Pip on Android just yet. However, you can be the first to know when we have. Please leave your email below and we'll send you a note when we're up and running.

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Math and reading games for kids

Math Games
Interactive Stories
Math games

Math Games

Wide Awake Pip has a series of free online math games. These are currently targeted at younger kids (ages 3-6 year olds) but we'll keep adding more educational content as time progresses.

Interactive storybook

Interactive storybook

The app, Wide Awake Pip, is a narrative based game, designed for toddlers, kindergarten and preschool children. The story is interspersed with mini puzzles, games and creative activities.

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"Beautiful and fun game!"

"My daughter adores this. The characters are cute and funny and it's a great little plot. Lovely illustration and calming sounds too. Our daughter doesn't have all the words yet but she's improving with each play."

"Our 3 kids all love this"

"This is a really nice app. Our three daughters all love it!"

"Wonderful game"

"My 3 year old loves this game. It is so beautiful, calming and he gets to practice his words. I highly recommend."

Learning by storytelling

Storytelling is a great way for kids to learn. Storytelling encourages children to practice reading, speech, memory, empathy and reasoning. Wide Awake Pip is centered on a story and uses games to illustrate the various elements of the story. You help the characters escape mazes, find fruit and play.

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Games for young kids

Wide Awake Pip is full of mini games for toddlers, kindergarten and preschool kids. Flash card style games, maze games, puzzles, games for hand-eye coordination, drawing games, reading games, speech games and more.

Why I made the game

I created Wide Awake Pip for my three young kids. They're lucky to have many brilliant children's books, with stunning illustrations and spirited characters. But we found that there were relatively few kids' games to equal them. 'Wide Awake Pip' is my attempt to close that gap a little.
For Tess, Freddie and Jude.

Game features

Voice and speech interactions

The game uses voice recognition AI to interact with the reader. Children can say words and watch the characters react. All voice interactions adhere to our privacy policy.

A children's storybook

Wide Awake Pip is centered on storytelling. It is designed as an interactive version of a kids' storybook with videos and games as illustrations.

Mazes and puzzle games

The app incorporates a few simple maze and puzzle games into the story. You help Pip climb trees, escape from a cave, rescue a friend and find fruit to eat.

Learning through exploration

Wide Awake Pip encourages learning though exploring, interaction and storytelling. For kindergarten age children, the best learning is often done through play. It's even better if an adult is around to participate!

Eye-hand coordination games

Several of the games involve hand-eye coordination. They are a good way for preschool kids to practice their fine-motor skills. Some adult assistance may be required though, depending on the child's abilities.

Drawing games

As part of the story, Wide Awake Pip features a drawing game. There are a range of different colours to choose from (plus a couple of cheeky faces to draw on!)

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